Photo credit: ©Greenpeace/Alex Hofford

Second: The time it takes to produce a plastic bag.
12: The amount of gas needed to make a plastic bag would drive an average car 12 yards
14.3: The number of bags routinely taken home by the average family at each supermarket visit.
20 minutes: Average length of use.
90: The percentage of all plastic ever made that still exists today.
500 to 1000 years: Time it takes a plastic bag to degrade.
1000: Each quality re-usable bag you use has the potential to eliminate an average of 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime.
46,000: The average number of pieces of plastic in each square mile of ocean.
100,000: The number of marine animals and birds killed each year by plastic bags.
1.2 Million: The number of barrels of oil needed to produce 10 billion plastic bags.
5 Billion: The number of bags that end up loose in the environment as litter every year.
1 Trillion: The number of bags used every year throughout the world (that’s over a million a minute.)


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