Plastic bags started as a convenience to paper. They are cheap and easy, hanging around every street corner…Well, Mama always told us “You get what your pay for.” Now, we can’t get rid of them! You take them home, and they won’t leave until you are 6 feet under! Plastic bags litter on our streets, our countryside, and mainly our oceans, fatally wounding our wildlife. In the marine environment, plastic bag litter is extremely lethal, killing over 100,000 birds, seals, whales and turtles every year.

80% of us routinely put everything into plastic bags every time we shop. We don’t even blink an eye. It’s the same all over the world – which is why billions of ‘free’ plastic bags are choking our planet: an estimated 4 billion end up as litter every year (enough to circle the earth 63 times).
Are we Americans going to turn a blind eye, and remain apathetic? Plastic, it seems, is high on nobody’s agenda. And yet one thing we know: long after each one of us has passed away and our bodies are 6 feet under, our plastic bags will still lie in the soil, intact and maiming.

Education and recycling programs have failed. We've had drop-off programs for checkout bags at the supermarkets for more than 10 years, yet we collect less than one percent.


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